Wage Subsidy and Unpaid Work Experience

Wage Subsidy

Hiring and training a new employee involves risk and cost. Wage Subsidy is a work experience that can help reduce the cost associated with hiring by providing reimbursement of a portion of a new employee's wages. This assists employers hire a job seeker who fits their business culture, but doesn't possess all of the skills needed to preform the job. For instance, a candidate may have relevant skills, but may lack experience in one or more areas of your business.

A signed agreement must be completed PRIOR to the employee starting work.


  • It covers a percentage of the employees wage, for a duration of up to 24 weeks.
  • There are expanded subsidies for priority groups ( e.g. Youth aged 16-30; Individuals with disabilities).
  • Assistance in the hiring process by providing qualified candidates
  • Timely reimbursement of new employees’ wages
  • On-going support throughout the wage subsidy period


  • Be in business for one year and provide full-time employment; minimum 35 hours a week
  • Complete a signed agreement PRIOR to the employee starting work
  • Have a WorkSafe BC account and be in good standing; provide on- the-job training, support and supervision as needed

What does the process look like?

Employers can contact the Wage Subsidy Specialist and discuss the position. We can then post the position and see if we have any pre-qualified, suitable applicants we can send you.

Or, an employer can identify a potential candidate that does not have the complete skill set for the position and we can identify if that person may be eligible for wage subsidy.

Once a suitable candidate has been found, you will fill out a 2 page application form and a work experience plan designed to outline the skill development for your new employee. The Wage Subsidy Specialist can assist you with this process. Once the application and work experience plan is completed and reviewed the Wage Subsidy agreement can be signed and the new employee can start work. The Wage Subsidy Specialist will follow up every six weeks for the duration of the agreement to help ensure the success of the placement.

Unpaid Work Experience

Some job seekers are eligible to participate in unpaid work experience. This provides a way for the individual to gain needed skills. Or it can assist the job seeker to assess their aptitude and interest in a particular field. Unpaid Work Experience is short-term, lasting 1 day to 12 weeks in duration, depending on the job seeker's needs and eligibility. Please contact us for more information.